Tips for Dealing With a Bumper Crop From the Garden

With summer peaking and the popularity of home gardening growing faster than a weed, more and more gardeners are facing a challenge as old as gardening itself. What to do with all those tomatoes and zucchini? Sharing with friends and neighbors is certainly one way to deal with an overabundance. But with just a bit of effort, gardeners can enjoy these gifts of summer in the dead of winter, when fresh, ripe vegetables are hard to find.

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Of course, one trick is to find new ways to use tomatoes, zucchini and other perishable vegetables before they rot on the vine or kitchen counter. Popular choices include gazpacho, pasta with vegetables and salsas. In the case of zucchini, breads, muffins and fritters can quickly use up an armload of vegetables.

The other trick involves using three indispensable tools - the food processor, the stand mixer and the freezer - for transforming fresh vegetables into longer lasting ingredients. KitchenAid, makers of top-rated food processors, the iconic Stand Mixer (found in more than 10 million American homes) and a full line of major kitchen appliances, offers the following tips for making best use of summer's bounty.


Those with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer® can utilize the fruit and vegetable strainer attachment to capture the taste of summer tomatoes for use throughout the year. Available at retail stores and via at a suggested retail price of $64.99, the fruit and vegetable strainer easily removes both skin and seeds, resulting in a very smooth puree. Once processed, simply freeze the puree in airtight freezer bags or freezer-safe containers for later use in pasta sauces or other winter-weather comfort foods.

Using a food processor is a slightly faster method, though it produces crushed tomatoes versus puree, meaning skins and seeds will not be removed. The result is equally delicious, and the longer they are cooked the less noticeable skins and seeds become. For best results, cut tomatoes into halves or quarters before processing. Again, once processed, freeze in airtight freezer bags or other freezer-safe containers.


Because of their high water content, zucchini can become mushy if frozen whole, so shredding is the best way to preserve them for later use. Gently squeezing out some of the water from shredded zucchini before freezing, and squeezing again after thawing, is the best way to prepare them for cooking or baking.

Those with a Stand Mixer can use the Roto Slicer/Shredder attachment, available at retail and at a suggested retail price of $64.99. Shredding with a food processor is best done using the shredding disc, which comes with all KitchenAid food processors.

Throughout the year, KitchenAid food processors and stand mixers can be paired with a number of optional attachments to expand the home cook's repertoire. Stand mixer attachments can be used for everything from grinding meats and grains to making homemade pasta and ice cream. Food processor accessories can be used to grate cheese, whip eggs, shave ice and perform other food preparation tasks.

Since the introduction of its legendary stand mixer in 1919 and first dishwasher in 1949, KitchenAid has built on the legacy of these icons to create a complete line of products designed for cooks. Over 90 years later, the KitchenAid brand now offers virtually every essential for the well-equipped kitchen with a collection that includes everything from countertop appliances to cookware, ranges to refrigerators, and whisks to wine cellars. To learn why chefs choose KitchenAid for their homes more than any other brand* visit

*Based on a 2010 survey, KitchenAid was found to be the home kitchen appliance brand chosen most often by members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

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