Convection Cooking, Amped Up and Simplified by Jenn-Air
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BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Few cooking methods are as widely available, misunderstood and underutilized as convection, a feature found in many ovens that circulates hot air to cook food more evenly, at lower temperatures, and often with better and faster results.  Luxury appliance maker Jenn-Air, an innovator in convection and other cooking technologies, offers the following primer for the uninitiated, along with an update on its own advanced convection offerings.

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What is convection?

Convection cooking is almost always featured as an optional mode in ovens equipped with conventional, or radiant, cooking technology.  Convection systems generally fall into one of two categories. The most basic uses a fan to circulate hot air generated by the oven's bake or broil elements. An enhanced system, often referred to as True Convection, uses its own dedicated heating element and fan, instead of the traditional bake or broil element, for fast, even baking and roasting on multiple racks.  

Can anything be cooked using convection?

Everything from breads and pie crusts to roasts and side dishes will bake, cook and brown more evenly in convection cooking mode.  By thoroughly circulating heated air throughout the oven cavity, convection also allows for cooking on multiple racks without the need to shift foods from one rack to another, or to turn cookie sheets or roasting pans halfway through cooking times.  With the possible exception of foods cooked in covered pots, most any dish can benefit significantly from convection cooking.

Doesn't using convection require converting temperatures and cooking times in most recipes?

Yes, but more sophisticated ovens take away the guesswork.  Jenn-Air brand, for example, offers Auto Convection Conversion to help ensure consistent results by automatically converting conventional cooking times and temperatures into their convection equivalents.

What makes Jenn-Air brand a good choice for convection?

Jenn-Air brand offers a number of different True Convection systems.  They include a MultiMode® system with a dedicated heating element; a 2-Speed MultiMode® system that offers even greater control; and a Dual-Fan MultiMode® system that amps up the power significantly in any of six different convection modes.  The brand's most technologically sophisticated wall ovens feature yet another option, the V2 vertical dual-fan convection system.  This highly advanced system uses a 2,800-watt bake element, 3,600-watt broil element and 3,400-watt convection element, together with two dual-speed fans, to provide the best performance in the industry.

For even greater flexibility, certain range models feature a modular cooking system that allows for customization of the cooking surface to include a grill, griddle or additional burner or element.  In addition, select wall ovens feature the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center, a full-color LCD display that provides menu-specific cooking tips for optimal results, as well as a My Creations feature that allows cooks to seamlessly combine up to three distinct cooking modes and save the settings for their favorite recipes.

What convection appliances does Jenn-Air brand offer?

Choices include single and double wall ovens (27" and 30"); Pro-Style® Dual-Fuel ranges (30", 36" and 48") and slide-in ranges in gas or electric (30").  For those looking to incorporate microwave cooking into their kitchen design, Jenn-Air brand offers combination wall/microwaves ovens (27" and 30"), built-in microwave ovens; microwave/hood combinations, and even countertop models equipped with convection technology.

Since the introduction of the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961 and downdraft ventilated range in 1965, Jenn-Air brand has consistently grown its reputation as a technology and design innovator.  Its selection of style options includes two distinct stainless steel collections and two cutting edge finishes: Floating Glass and Oiled Bronze. From downdraft cooktops, wall ovens and professional-style ranges to dishwashers, refrigerators and such entertaining essentials as warming drawers, built-in ice machines and wine cellars, Jenn-Air brand offers a complete line of major kitchen appliances. To learn more about the Jenn-Air® appliance collection, or speak with a member of the Customer Care team, please visit, or