From KitchenAid, Three Great Ways to Cook Slowly
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BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The idea of cooking slowly at low temperatures to develop rich, complex flavors and tenderize foods has been around almost as long as fire itself. But leave it to KitchenAid, makers of virtually everything for the well-equipped kitchen, to give home cooks so many highly effective options for mastering this time-honored cooking method.

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While many of its appliances – from wall ovens and ranges to outdoor grills – can be used for slow cooking if set at a low enough temperature, KitchenAid offers three that are particularly well-suited for cooking "slow and low." The KitchenAid® Slow Cooker, engineered exclusively for the task, incorporates thoughtful features for not only preparing, but serving slow cooked foods. Specially-equipped KitchenAid® wall ovens and ranges provide the option of steam-assisted cooking to help lock moisture into slow cooked foods. Finally, the innovative and space-saving KitchenAid® Slow Cook Warming Drawer can be used for everything from heating dinner plates and proofing dough to slowly braising stews.

"Slow cooking is the method behind so many wonderful comfort foods, particularly those enjoyed in colder weather," says Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid. "Each of these appliances works differently, but all can be used to create deeply satisfying meals that require little or no attention once ingredients are assembled and combined."

KitchenAid® 6-quart Slow Cookers

The newest slow cookers from KitchenAid feature a digital display, 24-hour programmability and an attractive Black Onyx ceramic insert that goes effortlessly from cooker to table. The 6-quart oval insert easily accommodates everything from whole roasts to chili for a crowd, and taps the power of a 400-watt heating element to quickly bring foods to USDA-recommended temperatures. An advanced temperature management system and four heat settings help keep food moist and tender throughout the cooking process.

One of two available models also features an innovative center-hinged, flip-open lid that provides fast, easy access to foods served at parties and self-serve buffets. It can be opened from either side, allowing dishes to be served without removing and finding space for the lid, while minimizing heat loss and keeping foods warm. KitchenAid slow cookers are priced at $129.99 for a traditional lidded version and $149.99 for the flip-open lid model, both in stainless steel.

KitchenAid® Steam-Assisted Wall Ovens and Ranges

KitchenAid offers three wall oven models and four freestanding ranges that combine traditional and convection cooking with the benefits of steam-assisted cooking technology. Long used in restaurant kitchens, steam helps keep foods from drying out, especially during long cooking times, and aids in the caramelization of natural sugars found in many foods, including most proteins and vegetables, to brown foods more evenly.  In baking, steam is the secret to everything from baguettes that are ultra crisp on the outside and tender inside to perfectly baked cheesecakes with no cracks.

For slow cooking, steam creates a moist environment in the oven cavity very similar to that of a slow cooker, giving foods time to develop flavors without drying out. Everything from slow cooked ribs and large roasts to slowly braised stews can benefit tremendously from the gentle, and highly controllable, release of steam into the oven cavity.

Available KitchenAid appliances equipped with steam-assisted cooking technology include 30" single, double and combination microwave/convection wall ovens priced from $3,149 to $4,649, and 30", 36" and 48" dual fuel ranges priced from $5,149 to $9,649.

KitchenAid® Slow Cook Warming Drawer

As the industry's first warming drawer to incorporate a slow cooker function, the KitchenAid Slow Cooker Drawer brings a whole new level of functionality and practicality to an appliance considered a "must have" by many home cooks, particularly those who entertain frequently. Like other KitchenAid warming drawers, it can be used to heat plates, proof dough and keep foods warm for hours.  The difference is custom control technology that allows temperature to be set anywhere from 90 to 250 degrees, or set for "High" or "Lo" slow cooking, which replicates the same high and low settings found on traditional countertop slow cookers. Once foods are cooked, a humidity slide control can be set to keep foods moist.

Part of the Architect® Series II line of KitchenAid major appliances, the 30" drawer can be placed virtually anywhere in the kitchen, and is both an aesthetic match and practical accompaniment to a variety of KitchenAid wall oven models.

About KitchenAid:

Since the introduction of its legendary stand mixer in 1919 and first dishwasher in 1949, KitchenAid has built on the legacy of these icons to create a complete line of products designed for cooks.  Today, the KitchenAid brand offers virtually every essential for the well-equipped kitchen with a collection that includes everything from countertop appliances to cookware, ranges to refrigerators, and whisks to wine cellars.  This year marks the brand's 10th anniversary of Cook for the Cure®, a partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® that has raised over $8 million to help find a cure for breast cancer.  To learn why chefs choose KitchenAid for their homes more than any other brand*, visit or join us at and

* Based on a 2010 survey, KitchenAid was found to be the home kitchen appliance brand chosen most often by members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

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