Latest Jenn-Air® Downdraft Cooktops Quietly And Powerfully Clear The Air

BENTON HARBOR, Mich., June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Ideal for keeping sightlines clear in today's open kitchen plans, Jenn-Air brand's newest downdraft cooktops combine elegant design with a powerful yet quiet ventilation system that eliminates the need for an overhead hood.  Utilizing proximity ventilation located on the cooktop rather than above it, downdraft ventilation captures smoke, steam and odors at the cooking surface, whisking them down and out before they can escape into the kitchen. 

Ideal for keeping sightlines clear in today’s open kitchen plans, Jenn-Air brand’s newest downdraft cooktops combine elegant design with a powerful yet quiet ventilation system that eliminates the need for an overhead hood. Both elegant and highly efficient, this electric model features a perimetric ventilation design to help concentrate air suction function for quick and quiet capture of cooking odors.

"Since inventing downdraft ventilation in 1961, we have continued to refine this highly efficient ventilation system," says Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard.   "With our duct-free option, the benefits of downdraft ventilation can be realized in spaces where exterior venting may not be possible, like condominiums or high-rise buildings."

All of the newest cooktop models feature the three-speed JX3 Downdraft Ventilation System designed to effectively capture cooking vapors.   A redesigned ventilation system designed to maximize the capture rate of cooking odors, allows for a low 310 CFM blower capacity that performs quietly without compromising its ability to handle the demand of powerful burners and elements.  A shorter plenum, unique to the brand's downdraft cooktops, makes cleaning this chamber located beneath the cooktop surface easier.  Also designed for easy cleaning is the dishwasher safe air grill.   

For those who opt for duct-free installation, a duct-free filter kit features a HAPA filter that monitors filter life and captures smoke, grease and moisture while allowing air to efficiently travel through the filter without impeding airflow.   

The new Electric Radiant Downdraft Cooktop models are available in 30" and 36" configurations and feature perimetric ventilation. Both elegant and highly efficient, perimetric ventilation design helps concentrate air suction function to quickly and quietly capture cooking odors. 

Radiant elements on the 36" electric cooktops include the 12"/9"/6" Triple Choice Element providing cooking flexibility that accommodates various sizes of cookware with wattage output that ranges from a low of 1,550 watts to a powerful 4,500 watts.  A two-tiered 10"/6" Dual-Choice™ Element also handles various sized cookware and features an output of up to 3,000 watts when both elements are active.  Also included are a 6-inch, 1,300-watt element that can reach an ultra-low 300 watts and a 6-inch, 1,200-watt element both ideal for smaller sauce pans and sauciers.

Other luxury features found on the electric models include intuitive, highly responsive, glass touch electronic controls that feature an easy to read amber LED display.  The smooth, knob free ceramic glass surface is easy to clean and is available in a Euro-Style stainless design featuring a stainless steel border or a borderless, black floating glass design.  Suggested retail prices range from $1,999 for the 30" model to $2,199 for the 36" model.1

The latest gas downdraft cooktop models, available in 30" and 36" models, feature elegant sealed brass burners with removable bases that effectively direct heat and are easy to clean. Burners on the 36" model include a 17,000 BTU Ultra-High Output Burner that provide the power needed to sear, stir-fry or rapidly boil water.  For added cooking versatility, additional burners include a 15,000 BTU Ultra-High Output Burner, a 12,500 BTU Burner, a 10,000 BTU Burner and a 5,000 BTU Ultra-Low Output Burner with a Melt Cap for gently cooking delicate sauces and foods.

Other features on the gas downdraft cooktops include porcelain-on-cast iron continuous grates with a design that lines up flames between grate fingers for more efficient heating.  DuraFinish® Protection resists yellowing, staining and scratching to ensure the cooktop surface continues to look like new over time.  Electronic ignition and Flame-Sensing™ re-ignition maintain a continuous flame that reignites automatically when a burner's flame is blown out by a sudden draft.

Style options include Euro-Style Stainless and Black and with prices ranging from $1,849 to $2,049 for the stainless models and $1,749 to $1,949 for the black models.2

About Jenn-Air:

In 1961, Jenn-Air founder Lou Jenn revolutionized the kitchen with the invention of downdraft ventilation. Today, the Jenn-Air brand continues to disrupt conventions, offering a complete portfolio of innovative and exceptionally designed luxury appliances.  From its powerful, connected wall ovens with dual-fan convection and voice control to its built-in refrigeration collection offering the brand's exclusive Obsidian interior, Jenn-Air continues to push boundaries to deliver extraordinary performance and exquisite design. To speak with a member of the Jenn-Air concierge team or learn more about the complete Jenn-Air appliance collection, please visit or join us on,, and

1, 2 MSRP is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Retailer alone has sole discretion to determine retail and advertising price.


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