JennAir Continues New Luxury Ascent With Launch Of Nationwide Showroom Transformation
Nashville's A-1 Appliance is First to Launch JennAir® Showroom Experience, Marking New Approach to Luxury Sales with Fully Immersive Digital Shopping Experience

BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JennAir, the luxury kitchen appliance brand hell-bent on driving progress throughout the industry, today announced the opening of its brand new showroom experience at A-1 Appliance in Nashville, Tenn. Following the unveil of a reborn JennAir, including its Bound By Nothing™ ethos, at the Architectural Digest Design Show in early 2018, the brand continues to catapult itself to the frontline of the luxury kitchen appliance industry. From showcasing 115+ new products, backed by a new digital platform, across the brand's two new design expressions, RISE™ and NOIR™, to its transformed showroom experiences, JennAir is taking a revolutionary approach to luxury marketing and sales. The A-1 Appliance showroom opening marks the first in a series of transformations set to sweep the nation, helping to further establish the brand's industry leadership and blaze a trail of progress across the country, breaking the chains of conformity to establish a new limitless way of thinking about and experiencing appliance ownership.

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"JennAir is on a mission to bring more customization and personalization to the luxury kitchen appliance industry. Our legacy lies in our founder, Lou Jenn's, commitment to defying the status quo to drive progress. With the new era of JennAir, we are continuing to bring this to life, not only through our brand overhaul and new products, but also at the showrooms where we sell our products and uphold our promise of delivering progressive appliance experiences for our modern luxe consumer," said Jon Hall, product and brand marketing director, JennAir. "As we bring the progressive spirit of JennAir to life across the country — at A-1 Appliance and the showrooms to follow — designers will witness the new era of luxury with JennAir, coming to life through our new products that stand on their own as expressions of beautiful design and that feature a deeply integrated digital backbone."

The JennAir experience at A-1 Appliance kicks off a series of additional transformations of JennAir showrooms that will transport modern luxe consumers into the digitally integrated worlds of the RISE and NOIR design expressions, helping them unlock the full potential of the brand's Bound By Nothing™ experience. The 1,300 square foot space at A-1 highlights the two new design expressions, defying the conventions of traditional showrooms by showcasing products that stand on their own as an expression of pure art and beautiful design, with no space wasted on anything that inhibits the mind, and creativity for envisioning a kitchen that is a completely curated reflection of today's modern luxe consumer. This non-traditional space will transport consumers into a world that demonstrates a bespoke expression of true luxury, with interactive touch screens and integrated customization tools that help inspire creativity and bring the space to life, which is the most influential factor in helping designers and architects sell luxury appliances1. Everything will be completely integrated with the brand's digital platform, an essential component for the new modern luxe consumer.

"The opening of the new JennAir experience at A-1 Appliance is a revolutionary change for Nashville," said Steve Scherer, owner of A-1 Appliance. "For the past 36 years, my clients have begged for cutting-edge appliances — design that sets them apart from the masses and is truly reflective of their own personal style. The arrival of the RISE and NOIR design expressions are the crystal-clear response to that. It's impossible to come into my showroom without wondering what's behind the JennAir wall, and with the backing of Whirlpool Corporation, I have no doubt that the products on display are the real deal."

A-1 Appliance, located at 5410 Harding Pike, is a locally owned luxury appliance retailer serving Nashville. Open to consumers Monday through Friday, the JennAir showroom will allow today's luxury consumer to envision a variety of customizations and empower them to deliver on their personal cravings and build out their custom-built luxury lifestyle. Additional showroom transformations in 2019, including at Yale Appliance Lighting in Boston, Good Deals in Florida, Kettle Moraine in Milwaukee and many more all over the country, will bring the Bound By Nothing™ experience directly to modern luxury consumers nationwide, with a special showroom announcement slated for early next year.

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1 Based on 2018 Wave 1 Luxury Appliance Tracker, MetrixLab, which used a 5-point rating scale, "extremely influential" to "not at all influential"