JennAir Challenges the Luxury Status Quo at KBIS 2024 with the Announcement of New Limited Edition Leather Cuts, Induction Professional-Style Range, Wine Column and Flush Dishwasher Offerings

BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, luxury appliance brand JennAir® brings its challenger mindset to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) with the announcement of four new innovative offerings coming to market in 2024. The new 2024 Limited Edition Leather Cuts; Mystic, 48-Inch Induction Professional-Style Range, 24-Inch Wine Column and Flush Dishwashers set a new standard of luxury in 2024. Experience the differentiated aesthetics, disruptive technology and quiet performance of the new luxury offerings in the JennAir space within the Whirlpool Corporation booth (#W2201) at KBIS. 

"KBIS is the perfect place to show industry insiders why consumers do not have to sacrifice luxury for function. With JennAir, we are dedicated to creating appliances that merge showstopping aesthetics with the unrivaled performance," said Chelsey Whitehead, director of product and brand marketing for JennAir. "We are excited to return to KBIS and unveil new products that showcase the commitment of JennAir to propelling the luxury industry forward."

The irresistible texture of the new 2024 Limited Edition Cuts Leather Panel; Mystic for column refrigeration can be experienced on the second floor of the JennAir KBIS booth. Mystic is swathed in seductive Italian leather and rewards those who dare to break boundaries with a truly personal touch to their kitchen. The new 2024 Limited Edition Leather Cuts; Mystic feature the following benefits:

  • Limited Availability: With only 30 units produced, this limited edition design is only available through February 2025.
  • Reflective of Current Trends: Mystic was inspired by the deep sea, an underwater world where the glistening sunlight filters through and slowly fades as you dive ever deeper into the depths. Mystic is luscious, iridescent and alluring as it challenges the stainless steel standard through luxuriously supple textures and a shimmering azure-green color.
  • Authentic Italian Leather: Cuts leather panels are made with authentic Italian leather and complement JennAir® column refrigeration with Industry Exclusive Obsidian Black Interiors with Ecliptic Lighting, adding further depth and intrigue to each piece.

With a sleek design that can sit flush with your countertop, the 48-Inch Induction Professional-Style Range is offered in both the JennAir® RISE™ and NOIR™ design expressions. Located on the second floor of the booth, the 48-Inch Induction Professional-Style Range includes the following key features:

  • Three Flexible Induction Zones: This JennAir range offers three flex zones within each cooking area, each with bridge functionality for added surface flexibility.
  • Culinary Center: The JennAir Culinary Center is a step-by-step digital sous chef, with a connected probe and precision sensors, that takes you from prep to plate to recreate 5-star recipes at home. The guided culinary experience is backed by chef-created algorithms and features full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and more.
  • Chrome-Infused Griddle: The JennAir® griddle features an exclusive chrome-infused surface that cleans up easily with just water to reveal a beautifully reflective yet durable appearance. This 1,800-watt griddle distributes heat through the surface for consistent cooking results.
  • Dual-Fan True Convection: Steady heat from a dedicated third convection element behind two fans ensures circulation around the full cavity.

The introduction of the JennAir 24-Inch Wine Column to the brand's portfolio elevates your kitchen with a daring Obsidian black interior finish, showcasing all of your favorite bottles brilliantly. The JennAir 24-Inch Wine Column can be experienced on the second floor of the booth and features the following benefits:

  • Obsidian Interior Finish: All of your bottles will be beautifully showcased against this luxe background, highlighted by innovative LED lighting – giving you control of how much your guests see. Complementing the daring Obsidian black interior finish in JennAir® Refrigeration, these new Wine Columns pair perfectly with Column Freezers and Refrigerators.
  • Amber Lighting & Premium Wine Preservation: JennAir® Wine Columns offer premium wine preservation through Amber light protection, precise temperature and humidity control, and reducing vibrations.
  • Soft-Close Wooden Racks: The innovative, soft wood rack design cradles any bottle size you choose to store in the JennAir® Wine Column, providing confidence that your favorite wines will fit comfortably.
  • Presenters Area: Centrally located in the middle of the JennAir® Wine Column is a dedicated area for the connoisseur's accessories — constructed modularly for full flexibility and control. Adjacent to your accessories is an area ready to prepare and showcase the favorites in your collection.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into their surroundings, the new JennAir Flush Dishwashers are located on the second floor of the JennAir booth and boast the following features:

  • Quietest Luxury Dishwasher Brand1: JennAir is the quietest luxury dishwasher brand in the industry, cleaning across all three racks.
  • Fully Flush & Integrated Design: With a fully flush and integrated design, the JennAir Flush Dishwashers effortlessly integrate into their surroundings with seamless design.
  • Door Open Dry: At the end of the cycle, the door of the dishwasher automatically opens to allow hot air out and promote drying.
  • High-Capacity Third Level Rack with Wash: The high-capacity third level rack with wash allows you to clean small bowls and large rocks glasses and while gliding with quiet and ease, even when fully loaded.
  • Time on Floor: Never miss an update. The dishwasher keeps you informed by projecting cycle status on the floor.

To learn more about the new JennAir offerings and the JennAir brand's presence at KBIS 2024, you can visit the JennAir KBIS press kit here. To stay informed on when these offerings will be available, or to learn more about JennAir, you can visit or immerse yourself in the JennAir experience by visiting a local showroom.

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